K-8 Independent Study


The K-8 portion of High Desert Premier Academy provides a format for supporting a home-based, parent-guided educational process.  Our Independent Study program is a true collaboration between the families and their supervising teacher.  HDPA provides assistance with curriculum, consistent with the district's approved course of study and aligned with the state grade level standards.  The focus of the program is to ensure education according to each child's individual strengths, needs, and personality of their child and collaborate with the supervising teacher to develop an excellent educational program suited for their child.  

The parent-teacher and the supervising teacher actively monitor student progress.  Instruction progresses at the pace agreed upon by the parent, teacher and the student; keeping individual capability and interest level a priority. 

 -by Cheryl Larsen 

HDPA K-5 ISP Program [Home-Based]

Supervising Teacher Responsibilites

  • Meet with the parent and student for an intake interview, information on program offered, and establish a written Master Agreement for the semester.
  • Assess student with the Star Early Literacy test or the Star Reading and Star Math tests. Share the data with the parent and student. Create an individualized learning plan for the student based on the students strengths, weaknesses and interests.
  • Make available to the family appropriate curriculum materials and related resources.
  • Meet with the student and parent-teacher weekly to review and assess student work and educational activities.
  • Assess the student's progress, either demonstratively or in written form, and Star testing. Listen and provide feedback during discussion of student's work. Provide remediation and/or enrichment to the students weekly educational activities.
  • Provide support and encouragement for the student and parent.
  • Provide a variety of workshops, field trips, and other educational activities.
  • Maintain portfolios of student work for accurate student evaluation at the close of each trimester.

Parent-Teacher Responsibilites

  • Meet with the HDPA teacher for an intake interview and establish a written Master Agreement for the semester.
  • Provide home instruction for the students using appropriate resources as agreed upon through the written Master Agreement.
  • Provide student with regular supervised instruction and a variety of learning experiences which may include work assignments, field trips, projects, discussions and active observations.
  • Provide support and encouragement.
  • Record activities and assignments completed on the weekly assignment sheet.  Parents will bring representative samples of student work to share with the HDPA teacher and for the students portfolio.
  • Attend regularly scheduled appointments with the HDPA teacher.
  • Provide feedback to the supervising teacher at the conclusion of each semester for the purpose of evaluating the student's semester activities and assessing progress.

Student Responsibilites

  • Meet with the HDPA teacher for an intake interview and establish a written Master Agreement for the semester.
  • Actively participate in work assignments, field trips, projects, workshops, and social activities.
  • With parent or guardian, meet with the HDPA teacher during scheduled appointment to share learning experiences and submit representative samples of completed school work for their portfolio.
  • Complete the assigned work by the due date.
  • Be responsible for other tasks that may be required to fulfill the individualized learning plan and written agreement.