About HDPA


High Desert Premier Academy (H.D.P.A.) was established in 2010/11 and is a K-12 Indpendent Study school. It caters to elementary school kids from kindergarten to the twelfth grade and has two campuses under it's accreditation.

High Desert Premier Academy is proud to offer a number of rigorous curricular options for the 21st century student.  Virtual study programs can be accessed from our on-site computer lab, which is open five days a week, or from any internet capable computer.

HDPA on-line learning combines the care and attention of a regular classroom instructor, with the flexibility and personal paced curriculum for the needs of the individual student and family. Current curriculum options include APEX, Study Island, Odyssey and numerous other supplemental resources supporting core content areas.

HDPA promotes a safe, orderly, caring, and supportive environment. Each student's self-esteem is fostered by positive relationships with students and staff. We strive to have our parents, teachers, and community members actively involved on our students' learning. 


opp-knocks-1Opportunity Program

This program offers a small classroom learning environment with the benefit of a full-time instructor and instructional aide to help facilitate individualized learning.  It is available for students in grades 6-12.  Emphasis is on developing and maintaining appropriate learning and classroom survival skills with a goal of transitioning to comprehensive schools where appropriate.

Independent Study vs Home SchoolingISP-Image-1

Home schooling describes an educational method that occurs outside the public system of education.  Independent study (home-based) is the public option where the student does the school work under the guidance of a credentialed teacher to meet state standards with materials provided by the school.  The same standards-based, board adopted curriculum and teacher support materials are used on ISP as in the neighborhood schools.

Soaring-Owl-with-TextHigh Desert Premier Academy Highlights

WASC Accredited | K16 Bridge Learning | Victor Valley Community College Partner

Community Service Options | On-line Learning Programs  |  Computer Labs On-Site

Specialized Curriculum Labs  |  Science Fair  |  Credit Recovery Program Available

Students and parents are encouraged to participate in school events such as workshops, classes, field trips, socials, recognition ceremonies.  These events are enjoyable ways of getting to know one another and to recognize the special talents and interests of the children. Workshops and classes are offered by HDPA teachers and guest speakers. The following is a list of approved workshops and classes.

School Events & Activities

Science Experiements/Science Fair | Hands on History/History Fair | PearsonSuccessnet

The Renaissance Program | Music/Children's Choir | Arts & Crafts


avusd-1The Apple Valley Unified School District is one of the highest achieving districts in the High Desert, serving over 13800 students ranging from pre-school through twelfth grade. The district has seven Pre K-6 schools, three Pre K-8 schools, two comprehensive high schools, and one K-12 Independent study/Online course school.

Student achievement and school safety are the primary goals of AVUSD. The schools in the District have continued to show growth in student achievement each year.